linen, a spool of thread and scissors on a chair


Kerry & Clyde uses imported Belgian linen almost exclusively for its primary products. Although expensive, nothing else compares to the elegant look and feel of this all-natural, exquisitely refined material.

Currently, I use natural and cream colored linens as the principal mainstay in production. The idea is that these neutral colors can be incorporated into a variety of home styles; whether modern, traditional, transitional, or somewhere in between. Eventually, I hope to add more colorful linen options to my product line and, as time permits, offer custom design services to clients.

illustration of historical linen-making process


The history and elegance of linen also plays an important part in fabric choice. Linen, made from the flax plant, has been in existence for over 36,000 years and was used for clothing, bed hangings, religious ceremonies, and burials. I was fascinated to learn that perfectly preserved 3000 year old linen wrappings and curtains were discovered inside the tombs of Pharaoh Ramses II and King Tutankhamen. While other fabric remnants found inside these tombs had disintegrated and turned to dust, the linen textiles were found intact in pristine condition.

These are the kinds of stories that help give context to my designs and encourage me to continue creating original and innovative uses for this remarkably beautiful and versatile material.